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Your product should make sense not in the market that it was ideated, but in the market, it was delivered.




Figure out what problems your idea is solving

Identifying the problem that you are trying to solve is crucial in understand the business value of your idea. We have the necessary tools and mechanisms to help you understand the problem that your idea is solving and realise the benefits to the target market.

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Build your ideal customer

In a sea of consumers finding your customers is a task. Customer persona mapping  can help you understand the different habits and needs of your customers and what to fulfill while ensuring that your product's fit into the lives of these customers and in large scale to the market.

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Discover your business potential

Now that you have found the problem that you want to solve and the customers putting them together and build your business canvas model.



Create your first financial model

Knowing how much cost/revenue that you can generate is crucial for you to understand your profitability. There can be several way that this could be done and finding the method that will suite your product will be done in this stage.



Figuring out your source of capitol

Now that you know your costs, its time to find the capitol required to start the journey. Want to know how to write your business proposals for VC and other prospective sources of funding, let us help you on that and get you ready for the next phase.

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Build your MVP

Start shaping up your idea in to an actual working product. Let us design and develop your product with the most essential features (viable), yet has room to improve (minimal). 

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Find the Pivot

Once the MVP is done, we will ready your MVP for a pilot launch. We will conduct a pilot launch and gather all feedback.  you will find that the feedback that you get is entirely different from what you planned and use the same to discover the pivot point of your business model or change a fundamental part of it. This will help you move in the correct direction.



Stay Positive

We will be with you in your journey till you become successful and capable of running your own business.

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