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Ideapreneurs  that took on the journey and won the challenge   

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Improving financial audits can stop construction companies from collapsing  

Journey with Jude as his idea to change how construction auditing is done with an FRS 102 compliant SaaS base solution Wipflow that is designed specifically for recording, analysing, and reporting financial data of individual jobs. Wipflow also automatically calculates work-in-progress, profit or loss, and KPI's, and facilitates external auditors to independently pick their samples and produce audit tests to support their audit opinion. 

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Can microfinance elevate poverty and provide a path to a sustainable income.

Journey with Lasantha and learn how he converted a controversial business in Sri Lanka to a more sustainable business that supported the communities and improved their lively hood. Lasantha choose us to convert to support business model by digitalising most of the operations and lower the operational work carried out daily. 

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Can AI give a competitive edge  for shop owners to compete with the large super market chains.

Large supermarket chains gain their market competitive edge through access to systems and procedures that enable them to remain dynamic in changing market conditions.

Small shop owners on the other hand must depend on the market know how to be competitive with supermarkets and other small businesses. Can AI fill in the gap and help small shop owners to make strategic decision required to sustain their business.

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Vehicle spare parts industry past, present, and future. where are we heading. 

As the world is transitioning towards more electric vehicles, the vehicle spare parts industry will have to start thinking all over again. As traditional business models will soon be obsolete. The traditional oil consuming business models will have to transition to more effective business models to sustain in the new era of mobility. HUT EIGHT team looks at the vehicle spare part Industry in Sri Lanka with industry professionals to gear up for the future. 

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Future agriculture requires a holistic view supported through digital platforms.

The agriculture ecosystem consist of many elements that need to work together in unison to maximise the harvest. 

HUT EIGHT was tasked to design a digital platform that would enable all stakeholders to collaborate and help farmers achieve their goals.

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Digitalise or hire an employee ? question that hotel industry is trying to answer.

Tasked to develop a already conceptualised approach to reduce the HR costs in the hotel accommodation industry, HUT EIGHT was able to deliver a fully functional Kiosk web App solution to a Australia's fastest growing hotel booking platform

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Can you trade all commodities using the same mechanism   

Not all commodities can be pre-processed and brought in for auctioning and trading. Coconut auctions face severe issues and require a different mechanism for trading. 

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Can medical devices collaborate to help patient track their progress. We said yes and design a platform.

The world is seeing more connected devices capturing critical heath related data. HUT EIGHT was tasked to design a platform that will connect all the medical devices so that the medical institute can make sense of the data gathered for each person

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